The Science behind National Order Fulfillment Services and how they are Changing eCommerce

How Order Fulfillment Services Work

how national ecommerce companies workOrder fulfillment services supports buyers in their difficult work of balancing present inventory with future shopping volume. In other words, it helps to ensure there is always sufficient product to meet customer shopping demands. It can be a tough juggling act to handle on your own.

Order fulfillment services that work with the help of a user interface are ideal. They connect to the eCommerce aspect of your website, so that when orders are taken, the inventory keeps up to date. If you have chosen auto-fulfillment, then once the inventory hits pre-designated amounts it will order more merchandise for you.

The next questions are how quickly will you receive your merchandise. Let’s back up for a bit and review some of the basics of order fulfillment steps, just in case you are new to it.

Order fulfillment involves the receiving, processing and even delivering of orders to customers. Orders can include business to business orders or direct to consumer orders, which come from individuals.


Tips on starting an ecommerce business complete with fulfillment ideas and resources:

It is important to mention at this point that   eCommerce orders is not the only type of fulfillment that there is. The steps involved in order fulfillment play the most prominent role. They include receiving, processing, and then delivering orders to customers.

Basically, there are many details to each of these steps and every business is different. In many cases, you want an order fulfillment services company that will customize services for your company from a company like

Order fulfillment services start by receiving inventory from manufacturers and suppliers. When they receive items they count them to ensure the received items match the order. While they are counting them or afterward they check for any damaged goods.  Now the SKU numbers are input into the order fulfillment services warehouse management software to track location, count and sales for every item.
At this point, any items without barcodes will be given them.

Storing Inventory

The next step is to shelve the items. A well-organized system of storage is closely connected to quick processing of orders. One way to make it quicker is to attach one particular SKU to one area or bin. There is stock on the shelves, and more stock sometimes in the back area of a warehouse, much like a retail stockroom and store might work. Items that are very popular will normally be put as close as possible to packing stations.

Order Processing

In Ecommerce, Order processing begins as soon as a customer order is received. The items are then picked from shelves by the warehouse staff. They bring the items to the packing stations. These are like all-in-one stations where packing and labeling are performed.

Next up, the items are carted off to shipping stations. This is as you may have guessed, where items are prepared for delivery to customers. Shipping is deceptively complex at times. You may need international and domestic services, and some packages are extremely heavy or very small. Customer timelines also define a portion of the parameters for shipping the items.

Return policies for customers must be written out for customers, and for the fulfillment staff. They need to know what to do with them, and how to respond to customers to keep up with your customer service expectations.

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