How cool are your lab’s walls?

The sad truth about working in any kind of scientific setting is that there are some of the world’s most brilliant minds working in some of the stalest of environments. Imagine getting the Nobel prize for discovering the sequencing of DNA that is responsible for creativity. But it was discovered in a drab office building somewhere in tech-land oblivion. Well, here’s a very fresh lab that picked up some wall art stickers from Style and Apply.

art stickers for walls

Can wall stickers really inspire creativity?

According to the eastern philosophy of feng shui, the energy of a room has much to do with the productivity of the room as well as the actual feeling someone has while in it. And I am aware of much research around how much influence your surroundings have on the way you feel and the way you act. This is of vital importance when considering the kind of money involved in offices everywhere. There are people assets that companies spend lots of money on getting them to work for them, but those same companies default on that talent because the just don’t know how to draw the best out of their employees.

The point being that there are many ways to inspire creativity, whether painting a room, getting some kind of art work or kinetic energy moving through the room. But whatever you do, inspire those who are your assets and you’ll get a 1000x fold.

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