Plastic Surgery Doesn’t Involve Plastic

Plastic Surgery is Neither Plastic Nor Surgery

Have you ever wondered if a San Diego liposuction clinic could help you? It’s often confusing when you see terms thrown around that seem to have nothing to do with what they’re offering. For example (in the Mike Meyer’s voice from SNL’s old ‘veclempt’ lady); “the internal combustion engine is neither internal nor combustion.” Well, for years I used to think that “plastic surgery” had plastic somewhere involved because the people (in my experience)  I’ve seen who get it seem… well, plasticky.

Lipo is Not Plastic Surgery

If you’re like me, you imagine that plastic surgery is actually something bad for the body, right? The good news for people who are considering a plastic surgery of some type is that there really isn’t plastic involved. At least not that they leave in place of your skin or lips. Botox and laser hair removal in SD can give you many different perspectives from as many doctors. The key is to decide what your goals are for your face and body. Make sure that your doctor is listening to everything you have to say on the matter of your body, and get multiple consultations if necessary.  Lipo and other forms of plastic surgery are not like getting a broken bone fixed, in which there are just one or two ways to get it set and fixed. Cosmetic surgery could go many different routes and the right one for you might not be the same for someone else. That’s why you need to hold on to your plastic before you get your surgery – and do your due diligence when it comes to your body!


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