The Science behind Spinal Subluxation

If you’ve ever visited a chiropractor, you probably remember how you felt afterwards, relieved. This relief seems to ease tension or itchiness in the spine when you get adjusted. I visited a Carlsbad chiropractor also serving Oceanside patients, seemed to know the body better than any other chiropractor I’d ever visited.

My Doctor

The science

“Dysfunctional biomechanical spinal segment which is fixated” in a wrong or misaligned manner causes this tension that goes all the way up to your head and can cause headaches and other discomfort in the body. The body’s blood vessels and especially the nervous system is affected when your spine is out of line. Some patients who may have had an accident on the job or a car accident have reported numbness of the extremities after such an occurrence. Some people may not have even been involved in an accident to have spinal issues. If you sit for long periods of time either driving or behind a desk, the spine can become compacted and cause a misalignment that eventually becomes problematic. What chiropractic offices do is relieve that tension by adjusting the individual vertebra to release a kind of gas that builds up as the result of bodily acids that  throw the alignment off. When this is the case, the gas is absorbed by the body, then the natural lubricant between joints and the cartilage is able to function better.

The results

Most patients report feeling better and relieved. Some, however, don’t get what they were looking for from a chiropractor. This is most likely due to a deeper issue with the muscles that are tensed or can be part of some tendons that have separated from the bones, causing pain in joints. This was actually my case, but my doctor gave me some stretches and exercises to do in between visits so I can create the range of motion needed (it was my hip). At any rate, it’s a good idea to see a chiropractor if you think you’re having issues with your spine.

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